Praying Upside DownWhen you talk to God, do you ever wonder if He hears? Do your prayers feel uninspired or routine? Do you sometimes feel like you don’t even know how to pray?Try praying upside down.Let artist and author Kelly O’Dell Stanley show you what white space, sketching, point of view, and other artistic ideas reveal to us about how to pray—and experience a deeper connection with God than ever before. Praying Upside Down will move your prayers away from the preconceived and expected, allowing you to encounter God in a brand new way. It’s a fresh chance to add passion to your prayers and notice answers you never anticipated.Jesus was known for turning situations upside down . . . and He will do the same in your prayer life. And because God is the ultimate creator and the original artist, when you incorporate this unique approach to prayer, you will encounter more of Him.
Kelly O’Dell Stanley is a graphic designer, writer, and author of Praying Upside Down: An Innovative Way to Transform Your Prayer Life. Her book is the junction of all of her passions—faith, art, and writing. With more than two decades of experience in advertising, three kids ranging from teens to young adult, and a husband of more than two decades, she’s learned to look at life in unconventional ways—sometimes even upside down.
A regular monthly contributor to Internet Café Devotions, Kelly’s work has appeared in several publications, and her awards include first place in Inspirational Writing in the 2013 Writer’s Digest competition. Her design work has been included in design anthologies and in PRINT Magazine‘s Design Annual, and she’s received design awards from the NAHB, Public Relations Society of America, the Webby Competition, and Art Directors Club of Indiana.
Kelly lives in Crawfordsville, Indiana, where she has lunch with friends, coffee with her iPad, and spends any otherwise-unscheduled evenings on the couch with her husband—though those evenings don’t come as often as she’d like. She is full of doubt and full of faith, constantly seeking new ways to see what’s happening all around her. You may connect with her on her blog,, on Facebook (Kelly O’Dell Stanley, Author), or on Twitter (@kellyostanley).

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