We will be celebrating our 28th church anniversary and appreciation for 3 years of Pastoralship ┬áto Pastor Josef A. Lee Sr. and First Lady Alisa on Saturday, September 19th, 2015 at 5pm. Throughout the years, we have pulled together through changes & ups and downs. The Lord has truly blessed us and we’ve come this far by faith! Come celebrate what Christ is doing with us!




Apostle Edwin Newsome began his service to ministry at an early age. He was first anointed with his vocal ability at age 7, which allowed him to see that through this gift he was destined to be exposed to thousands. In the course of his years of service he has been mentored in the governmental areas of ministry. In 1998 he attended World Harvest Bible College under the tutelage of Pastor Rod Parsley. In 2000 he received his degree in biblical theology.
By the year 2000, Apostle Newsome, with the full loyalty of God’s guidance, started a non-profit organization called Elisha’s Cloak, because he saw the need to re-organize the Company of Prophets. His anointing to capture the hearts and minds of the people in revivals and conferences has afforded him a platform to impact the world. He specializes in the areas of understanding your call to ministry, kingdom building, and being prophetically established in the word and song.

Apostle Newsome operates with an Apostolic understanding and shows the valuable initiative to leave an impact that gives significant contribution to this society. God has placed a burden in his spirit for those believers who have become frustrated and/or apathetic (not taking any interest) in their current surroundings. He therefore, began the ministry of Kingdom Impact in 2008 with his lovely wife. His ministry is certified by Pastor Rod Parsley, but confirmed and approved by GOD.

He married Chantella Newsome in 2004; they have three handsome sons named Lord Edwin, Israel, Joshua and one beautiful daughter named Junia.